Due Process is Necessary for Racial Equity

About the authors

James E. Ford is the executive director of CREED — the Center for Racial Equity in Education. He represents the Southwest Education Region on the N.C. State Board of Education. Ford is pursuing his Ph.D. in Urban Education at UNC Charlotte.  James is an award-winning educator and consultant on issues of equity in education.… Read full bio »

An advocate and catalyst for building community capacity since 2005, Janeen Bryant is an intersectional educator, facilitator, trainer, and agitator. A graduate of Davidson College with a B.A. in Anthropology, she completed her Master of Science degree in Leadership and Management. Formerly Vice President of Education at Levine Museum of the New South, Ms. Bryant is known widely as a facilitator and community-centered program developer both regionally and nationally. In 2015 as Regional Director: South, for Leadership for Educational Equity she directly engaged with teachers, parents and community leaders to use their voice directly influencing decision-makers and ultimately changing the reality of our education system.

Now, after launching her consultancy Facilitate Movement, she serves as a community engagement specialist and catalyst for building organizational capacity. Her recent stint as a guest columnist for the Charlotte Observer continues her work in social impact for marginalized communities. Her writing can be seen in that newspaper and other industry-specific contributions such as the MASS Action (Museum as Site for Social Action) Tool kit and for Museums & Race.